Who We Are

Worship Pastor CornellSince God’s grace is already ours, we can put to rest all questions about whether God loves us: the cross and empty tomb prove he loves us. God’s gift of heaven means we don’t have to worry about where we stand with God anymore. Instead, we can live confident that God plans to be gracious to us, and wants the best for us and for the world. And we turn our attention to the world God loves.


Our Vision

Calvary will be a faith community – full of enthusiastic and diverse people – trained to meet a changing culture, by

  • believing that Jesus is for all,
  • practicing our faith: supporting each other, learning together, and sharing intimate and authentic relationships,
  • expecting to serve the community and world,
  • doing the unique work of telling others that God saves by his grace, through faith in Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

Invite-Inspire-Equip-EngageCalvary Lutheran exists to:
* Invite you into life in Christ,
* Inspire you for a deep faith relationship,
* Equip you to use your gifts in service,
* Engage you in ministry.

Our Guiding Principles

Every person is God’s child and is welcome here. Jesus makes no distinctions between people; neither do we.

Our focus is on the one Lord, Jesus. Jesus calls us to follow him. We strive to be faithful to that call in all we do as a congregation.

God saves by grace through faith. Forgiving sins, putting things right, and promising eternal life are God’s work, not ours. We don’t have to do anything because, in Jesus, God has done it all.

Jesus brings us to the Father and each other. Because of Jesus, we don’t need to fear God but we are free to love God. We love one another as God has loved us.

Jesus calls us to love, serve, share the good news, and enjoy life together.
Every day marks a new life in Christ. Jesus sends us into each day to be his servants and ambassadors with our hearts full of gratitude and joy.

Values We Ask You To Share

1. WORSHIP Weekly worship shapes our trust in God, our faith community, and how we perceive the world. We encourage you to attend worship every weekend unless you are sick or out of town.

2. GROWTH IN FAITH God transforms lives through the good news of Jesus Christ, and calls believers to lives of continuing renewal, discovering new ways to live in Christ before the world. We ask you participate in at least one activity each year aimed at helping you grow in your faith apart from worship attendance (Sunday morning education, Bible study, reading the Bible at home, retreats or other short-term classes we offer).

3. SERVICE We are blessed by God to be a blessing to the world. Jesus calls us to lives of service. Give of your time at least once each year, serving through the ministry of the church or in the community.

4. GENEROSITY God is infinitely generous in his love and mercy toward us, and so we act generously toward the church and people in need. We ask you to give financially in proportion to your income with the goal of tithing. 

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. “Living in God’s Amazing Grace.”

The word Synod comes from two Greek words: “syn” meaning together; and “odos” meading way or path. When you put it together it means walking or journeying together.

Within the ELCA, Calvary is a part of the Southwestern Synod.  The SW Washington ELCA Synod has 88 congregations and 7 authorized worshiping communities. The synod is structured similarly to a congregation with a Synod Council and committees. The presiding pastor, called a Bishop, is elected to a 6-year term by the Synod Assembly, which meets every year, and to which all congregations send a specified number of voting members each year.